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  • Large color TFT-LCD with a touch panel (8.4-inch) enables easy key entry.

  • Up to 4 titrators can be operated through the Touch Panel.

  • Example of connected devices: MKV-710B Volumetric, MKC-710B Coulometric or MKH-710/2nd Hybrid Karl Fischer moisture titrators or additional AT-710B potentiometric titrators , can be connected and simultaneous measurement is possible.

  • Monitoring temperature during titration ensures safe measurements.

Automatic Potentiometric Titrator | Model AT-710M
  • Titrant Information is stored in an IC chip in the burette unit (Smart burette)

  • Information stored in the electrode cable (Smart electrode)

  • New burette unit

  • Up to 4 simultaneous measurements (Simultaneous titration)

  • Can be connected to MKV-710B Volumetric, MKC-710B Coulometric or MKH-710/2nd Hybrid Karl Fischer moisture Titrator

  • The main control unit and a titrator are separately located by wireless (Bluetooth(R))

  • Large color TFT-LCD with a touch panel (8.4-inch)

  • Two different user levels and permisions

  • Two different potentials , such as pH/ transmittance , pH/ conductivity or pH/ temperature can be logged simultaneously.

  • Monitoring temperature during titration ensures safe measurements

  • Measurement results are converted to PDF and can be stored in a USB flash drive
Product Configuration:
  • AT-710M (Titrator) + MCU-710M (Main Control Unit) + Propeller stirrer / Magnetic Stirrer + IDP-100 (Printer) + SOFT-CAP (Software) + Sample Changer
Detection Range:
  • Potentiometric: -2000mV to +2000mV
  • pH: -20.000 to 20.000pH
  • Temperature: 0 to 100°C
Titration Mode:
  • Auto Titration; Auto Intermit; Intermit; Stat; Petroleum Titration; COD
  • Standard method 120, Combined method 10 (Max 5 methods can be linked)
Kinds of Titration:
  • Potentiometric (acid/base, redox, precipitation);
  • Photometric;
  • Polarization;
  • Conductivity
Titration form:
  • Full titration (Auto EP detection), EP Stop, Level Stop, Intersect, EP Stop/Level Stop
Special Application:
  • Measurement of electrode potential (pH, potential)
  • Acid dissociation constant (pKa)
  • Simultaneous recording of 2-way input potential (e.g. Titer vs. pH+%T, Titer vs. pH+μS)
  • 8.4-inch color LCD 800 x 600 dots
  • English / Japanese / Mandarin Chinese / Korean / Russian / Spanish / German / French
  • Simultaneous 4-channel display (Can also display Karl Fischer Moisture titrator simultaneously)
  • Concentration of content
  • Statistics data processing (mean, SD and RSD) and automatic averaging of blank and factor value
Data storage:
  • 500 samples
GLP conformance
  • Registration of operator / User group administration
  • Titrant: Reminder of date of factor measurement / Alarm to indicate remaining reagent / Reminder of piston replacement date / Reminder of reagent replacement date / History of factor measurement
  • Check performance: Reminder of scheduled checkdate / Record of check results
  • Management of electrode: Reminder of calibration date / Record of calibration history / Electrode check / History of electrode check
  • Verification of burette capacity: Verification / Record of verification results
  • Management of conduction time: Display of operating time
Burette Size:
  • 20ml glass burette with brown cover (Standard)
  • Optional burette units: 50ml, 10ml, 5ml, or 1ml
Burette Accuracy:
  • 50ml burette (Auto dispenser) ±0.5ml
  • 20ml burette ±0.02ml; Repeatability: ±0.01ml
  • 10ml burette ±0.015ml; Repeatability: ±0.005ml
  • 5ml burette ±0.01ml; Repeatability: ±0.003ml
  • 1ml burette ±0.005ml; Repeatability: ±0.001ml
Options / Extensibility:
  • Automatic piston burette
  • Electronic Balance (Scale)
  • Dot matrix printer
  • Software
  • Multiple sample changer: CHA-700; CHA-600
  • Smart electrode
  • Input terminal for temperature sensor to correct reagent volume
  • LAN Connection to Personal computer (PC)
  • Measuring instrument: Automatic Potentiometric Titrator (AT-710), Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator (MKV-710/MKC-710); Three of these instruments can be added.
Ambient Conditions:
  • Temperature: 5 to 35°C; Humidity: 85%RH Max.
  • AC100 to 240V ±10% 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: ~30W
  • Titration unit: 141 (W) x 296 (D) x 367 (H) mm
  • Touch panel controller: 225 (W) x 190 (D) x 42 (H) mm
  • ~4.0kg (Touch panel controller: 1.5kg)
Conformity Standard:
  • CE marking; EMC: EN61326-1; LVD: EN61010-1 RE Directive
  • Burette unit EBU FCC Part15 Subpart C FCC ID: 2ABSVEBU01
Please refer to the leaflet of the product for more information
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