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Popular applications include nanoparticle dispersion, creating emulsions, cell lysis and homogenization. The Q500 is a powerful ultrasonic processor featuring programmable operation and a digital display of operating parameters. Adjustable pulse On and Off times can be programmed from 1 second to 1 minute. Total programming has a maximum setting of 10 hours. A wide variety of probes and accessories are available to handle virtually any application.

  • Programmable operation: set time and amplitude for hands free operation
  • Pulse mode: prevent heat buildup in temperature sensitive samples
  • Digital amplitude / intensity control: output intensity can be set from 20-100%
  • Elapsed time indicator: displays duration of sonication
  • Display of wattage and joules: real-time energy monitoring
  • Overload protection: prevents damage to circuitry if a fault occurs
  • RoHS compliant: uses lead free components
Available Probes:

Standard ProbeOptional Probe
Optional Probe
Processing Volume:
20 ml to 250 ml
50 ml to 500 ml
100 ml to 1000 ml
Tip Diameter:
13 mm
19 mm
25 mm
120 µm
60 µm
30 µm
* Available Type of Tips (Solid and Replaceable)
Additional Microtips for processing small samples:
Processing Volume
0.2 ml to 5ml
1 ml to 15 ml
5 ml to 50 ml
Tip Diameter:
2 mm
3 mm
6 mm
320 µm
380 µm
200 µm

Sound Enclosure

Cup Horn

8 Tip Horn
Technical Specifications:

  • Power Rating: 500 watts
  • Frequency: 20 kHz
  • Programmable Timer: 10 hours
  • Adjustable Pulse On/Off: 1 second to 1 minute
  • Dimensions (W x L x H): 203 x 387 x 216 mm
Optional Accessories:

  • Standard Probes (Fixed and Replaceable Tips)
  • Extenders to increase the length of the probe (Fixed and Replaceable Tips)
  • Boosters
  • Cup Probes
  • Sound Enclosure
  • Flocells offer inline or continuous, large volume batch sample processing
  • High throughput Probes


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