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  • Measure viscosity with a sample of less than 1ml.
  • Quick warming and cleaning.
  • Save the measurement protocols directly on the viscometer.
  • The viscometer lets you set measuring times for thixotropic products.
  • Printer Port (USB)
  • Optional VISCO RM software
  • Wide Range of Spindles for many applications
  • Full Service and Support
  • IQ / OQ
  • Maintenance & Re-Qualification
  • Two Years Warranty
RM 100 Touch CP 2000

Cone-Plate Viscometer with cone included
For products which are difficult to clean or for small quantities of samples.
Technical Specifications:

  • Type: Cone-plate rotating viscometer
  • Speed Range: From 0.3 to 1500 rpm
  • Torque Range: From 0.05 to 30 mNm
  • Temperature: a Cone Plate stand CP2000: 5 to 80°C through Peltier effect Cone Plate stand CP2000H: room temperature to 300 °C through electric heating.
  • Accuracy: ±1% of the full scale
  • Repeatability: ±0,2%
  • Viscosity Range: 5 - 8,000,000 mPa·s (depending on the measuring geometries)
  • Display: 7" Touch screen
  • Settings:
Viscosity | Speed | Torque | Time | Measuring geometry | Level of sensitivity | Temperature (if connected) | Date/ hour | Choice of viscosity units: cP or mPa·s
  • Security and Confidentiality:
An "operator" function allows you to enter a username for your instrument. This user must then be identified using a 4-digit code. There is also a protected mode that locks your measurement conditions.
  • Power Supply: 90-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • PC Connections: RS232 Port & USB
  • Printer Connection: USB Host Port
  • Dimensions:
Head Diameter (mm): L180 x W135 x H250
Stand for CP 2000: L300 x W490 x H630 mm
  • Weight: 22 kg
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