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EMS-1000S New Flyer in German

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Tags: EMS1000S
EMS-1000 Viscometer new flyer in German is now available for our customers in D-A-CH region.

Download here:

(DE; 260KB)

Leaflet for EMS-1000S Viscometer

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Tags: EMS1000S
New leaflet for EMS-1000S Viscometer is now available.

Download here:

(EN; 944 KB)

More information can be found here: EMS-1000S

New Vertical Light Shelf 4 Blue & 4 Red LED

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Tags: LEDLight
Aralab's new Vertical Light Shelf  4 Blue & 4 Red LED can easily be used with our reach-in chambers (Models 600 / 1200) to test the effect of Red / Blue LED light on the plants. The user can switch on/off any of the lights for the testing purpose.

Right Side: Light is ON; Left side: Light is OFF

The light shelf can easily be relocated to the required position.

Contact our team for more information.

Season greetings

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you very much for the trustful working together and the  interesting experience this year. We would like to express our thanks in  working together and wish you some quiet days with your families and a  peaceful and Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Training 2018 at Kubota factory in Japan

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Tags: KubotaCentrifuge
We are glad to announce that our company N-Wissen GmbH is now the exclusive representative of KUBOTA CORPORATION for Sales and Service. KUBOTA is a leading laboratory centrifuge manufacturing company based in Japan. Our company got technical and product training at KUBOTA factory in Japan. Continuous training for better service is an essental part of our philosphy at N-Wissen.

More information about Kubota centrifuge can be found here: Link

You are welcome to contact us for more information or any kind of requests.

Analytica 2018

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Welcome to our booth at analytica 2018 in Munich

Dear valued customers and partners,
N-Wissen GmbH invites you to visit its booth B1.524 at the analytica 2018 exhibition in Munich (Germany), where you can see our latest products and innovations in the field of analytical and laboratory technologies.

Request your free analytica ticket at

We look forward to seeing you!

Achema 2018

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We will exhibit at Achema 2018 from 11. - 15. Juni 2018 in Frankfurt am Main.

Web Site: Link

Fully automatic density meter

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Tags: KEM

N-Wissen GmbH is proud to present the world’s most accurate and fastest automatic density meters DA series (DA-650/-645/-640) from our partner Kyoto Manufacturing Electronics (KEM, Japan).

Features and advantages:
1. The world’s most accurate and fastest density meters  (measurement in less then 20 seconds with accuracy of ±2×10-5 g/cm3  (0.00002 g/cm3)
2. Fully automatic measurement of 30 samples in 20mL vial (with optional Multiple Sample Changer)
3. State-of-the-art performance with one touch (quick and easy operation with 5.7-inch touchscreen)
4. Viscosity correction for high-viscosity samples
5. Density and temperature automatic correction
6. Small sample volume required (minimum 1.0 ml)
7. Saves up to 100 different methods in built-in memory
8. Density and temperature automatic correction
9. No air bubble, no contamination during measurement due to a new flat type joint
10. Multiple applications (crude oil, petrochemical  products, biofuels, chemical products, beverages and alcoholic drinks,  food and fat/oil, pharmaceuticals and fragrance, electronic parts and   semiconductors)

For more information visit our web page here or contact our sales team by phone +49 (0) 69 8900 4008 or at

Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator

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Tags: KEM

Hybrid Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator MKH-700  has the world’s first & convenient functions equipped such as  high-speed & high-precision measurement by “Hybrid titration method”  which uses both “Volumetric titration method” and “Coulometric  titration method”, and “Electrolytic Factor Measurement System” which  does not require pure water for factor determination.

Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator which is on the market is necessary to  adjust the sample amount when carrying out the measurement.
“Hybrid titration method” automatically switches between the parallel  measurement by “Volumetric titration method” and “Coulometric titration  method” by monitoring moisture content in titration cell with high-speed  & high-precision measurement, therefore can measure without  adjusting the sample amount.
With just pressing one button, the “Electrolytic Factor Measurement  System” automatically performs the factor determination of Karl Fischer  reagent, and save the time & work without using pure water.
See a video on our official YouTube channel here.
For more information, demo and technical support please contact our company N-Wissen GmbH on +49 (0) 69 8900 4008 or at

Growing cells in a microgravity environment is now easy like never before

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