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(1) High precision and reliability

(2) One button measurement

(3) Easy to clean & maintenance

Model: ALM-155
(4) Analysis without computer program

(5) Calibration with only pure water

(6) Equipped with peristaltic pump for viscous sample
Alcohol Meter:

The ALM-155 is a dedicated, small size & high-performance bench top density meter with oscillating capillary tube for the analysis of Oenology (├ľnologie), sprits and beer. The analysis of Alcohol, density and specific gravity in alcohol products has never been so easy and accessible for any budget. The ALM-155 displays results with high-resolution of 0.01% for alcohol content and 0.00001 g/cm3 for density. Moreover, with the peltier thermostat system, the temperature is fixed at exactly 20┬░C.
Alcohol Measurement: made easy, fast and space saving approach

Specific Gravity / Density Measurement:

We are glad to announce that we can arrange a demo visit to measure your sample on site. Please contact our team for more information.
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