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Micro-Liter Centrifuge | Model: PlateSpin3

  • Centrifuge for 2 x 96-hole PCR plates | 6 x microplates | 2 x deep-well plates
  • Maximum Speed: 3700 rpm | Maximum RCF: 1530 xg
  • Swing Rotor | Timer Setting Range | Hold Function | Program Memory
  • Rapid and simple spin-down with memory flashing function
  • Because plates do not need to be set vertically, liquid leakage is not a concern.

PCR & Deep-Well Plates Centrifuges | PlateSpin3 | More Information
Medical / Pharmaceutical / Blood Bank Refrigerators

Compact & Multi-Door Refrigerators From 110L up to 2100L Net Capacity

  • Up to 1008 units of 450ml blood bags | Wide range of accessories
  • Thickness up to 75mm for optimal isolation (Density: 40 Kg/m³)
  • Energy consumption up to 40% energy saving
  • Long Warranty | IQ + OQ + PQ | 360° Service
  • Temperatures Data Collection | Control Panel | Log History | Alarm

Medical / Pharmaceutical / Blood Bank Refrigerators | More Information
New method of viscosity measurement. Try it now. Test your samples on-site.
The EMS-1000S is now available. Innovative viscometer with cutting-edge technology and user-friendly operation. The ideal Viscometer for Very Small Samples and other Demanding Viscosity Measurements.
Contact our team for free appointment.

  • Viscosity Range: 0.1 to 1,000,000 mPa∙s

  • Measuring repeatedly the viscosity of 300µl (Optional 90µl)

  • Sealed disposable measuring cell

  • Temperature control: 0 to 200°C

  • Disposable Sample Containers

  • Equipped with CMOS Camera
Electro Magnetically Spinning Viscometer | EMS-1000S | More Information

  • Performance Qualification Protocol (PQ) for Liquid Viewer is now available. | More Information

  • Benchtop plate centrifuge (Model PlateSpin3) is now available: exclusively for 2 x 96-hole PCR plate, 6 x microplate, or 2 x deep well plate. | More Information

  • Fully automatic density meter with multiple sample changer for up to 30 samples | More Information

  • The world’s first Electromagnetically Spinning Viscometer is now available | More Information

Certificate Number: 2019-0055718

With one button measurement and only 8ml sample volume.
High resolution measurement of 0.01% for alcohol content and 0.00001 g/cm3 for density measurement.
Alcohol Meter | ALM-155 | More Information
High-Speed Mixing was never easier before!
No more insufficient mixing

With ordinary models, the rotation speed ratio is fixed by the gear ratio, so even if the speed of revolution is adjusted, some materials  may not properly mix or create lump, and practically these problems could not be solved.

With the individual speed control system, revolution can be set in 9 steps, rotation in 10 steps, providing several advantages
SHASHIN KAGAKU Speed-Mixers | More Information

Temperature Range starts from -70°C up to 180°C
Humidity Range: 10 - 98% RH
Volume from 25L upto 1500L

For test chambers, climatic chambers and stability chambers please visit our website:


Welcome to our booth at Analytica in Munich (Germany) Hall A1 Booth 311.

Many new analytical units will be exhibited such as Our innovative Electromagnetically Spinning Viscometer EMS-1000S, Density Meters, KF Titrator combined with Potentiometric Titrator, Refractometer, and other devices.
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